We may have entered a digital age, but for the most part, law firms are still reliant on paper. Labrums law firm is different. In an industry where most other firms still only pay lip service to the idea, we are already paperless – and have been since 2013.

 When we first discussed the idea of adding our Terms Of Business to the Labrums website with the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA) they informed us they had never been asked for approval of anything like this before. Needless to say the idea was supported and approved. This may seem like a minor change, but given that UK Law can be likened to an oil tanker (taking considerable effort to get going and change direction) moving from paper to a digital copy was a huge step.

We continue to forge our own ‘Paperless Path’ to this day – finding ways, not only to reduce the amount of paper used within the firm, but at the same time improving the customer experience for Labrums clients. There are some significant benefits of being paperless for both our law firm and our clients:

Choosing secure digital access to our files over the printed version enables Labrums team to view and work on documents using our mobile phones, tablets or laptops, which offers great flexibility.

Using Labrums’ portal, a client can: Read documents, highlight text and add comments, download or upload documents, book a meeting or arrange a phone call – all from the convenience of their mobile or desktop device – any time, day or night.

The servers used to digitally store legal documents are provided by Amazon Web Services – they are safer and provide more security than sending documents by email or even through the post! Labrum’s clients can therefore enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their personal data is kept safe and private.

Labrums’ digital case management system allows our solicitors secure access to the entirety of any case at any time and place that is ‘connected’. This technology enables us to offer our staff the option and capacity to work from home or indeed, anywhere in the world.

If a client phones the Labrums office and their case solicitor is working remotely, our integrated phone network allow us to transfer the call seamlessly to an external phone as though the solicitor was at their desk in the office.

Offering staff the provision for remote working means that Labrums can choose the best staff almost regardless of their residential location. This offers the further benefit of reducing time wasted commuting, which reduces our carbon footprint ;and means that our staff are able to work at their full capacity – working hours that suit both staff and customers alike.

Labrums’ paperless system allows us to offer services to clients who might not otherwise be able to visit a law firm in person. Our clients can contact us via portal, website, phone, email, Skype and Facetime. Whether you’re a parent, businessman/woman, elderly or disabled . Whatever your preferred method of communication, we’ll try our very best accommodate you to ensure you get the advice you need when you need it.

We have to give credit to the Customer Relationship Team (CRT) who tie everything together and without whom we would not be able to function paperlessly. Our office is a ‘hub’ our solicitors can work from if they wish, meet clients and interact with others. It is also the nerve centre where the CRT work and keep the business flowing. The CRT run the administrative, regulatory and financial aspects of the business to leave the solicitors to do the legal work they do best. CRT can also work flexible hours ensuring Labrums’ solicitors are as productive as possible wherever they are working.

Labrums are extremely proud to fly the paperless flag, and hope to continue finding ways to improve client experience & reduce our impact on the planet in the years to come.

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