It is not often that fees decrease, but the registration fees for LPAs have in fact been reduced.

The fees charged by The Office of Public Guardian to register LPAs and EPAs have been reduced from £110 to £82 for each document.

Iain, our Head of Private Client and Later Life Department, says that “LPAs are extremely important documents which enable you to appoint someone, or some people, as your attorneys. 

Attorneys are able to help look after your financial and / or health affairs for you should you not be able to do so, such as for health issues, or should you want, or need them to do so, for whatever reason. 

Many people associate LPAs only with the elderly and illnesses such as dementia, however, I recommend that all adults should consider LPAs, whatever their age, as people may require assistance for various reasons, such as if they are travelling extensively, have an accident or ill health.  LPAs cannot be used unless they have been registered with The Office of Public Guardian and this welcome reduction in fees will, I hope, encourage people to consider these important documents further. 

A Will covers what you want to happen after your death, an LPA enables someone to look after your affairs if you are unable to do so yourself, for whatever reason, while you are alive.”

If you would like to discuss Lasting Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney or related matters further, please contact Iain who would be very happy to discuss this with you. Call 01727 858807 or email

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