Labrums started in 1990 – in the middle of a recession. Read about how Michael Labrum, despite adversities, created a thriving legal practice in St Albans.

Early life

Michael had no connections with anyone in the legal profession while he was at school or university – so he considered himself as a bit of an outsider to the profession.

However, law was always something that intrigued him, and he felt that it gave him purpose, and satisfied his need to help people. so he went on to work in a variety of fields within the profession. These different fields included:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Trusts, will and probate
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Company law
  • Commercial law

The variety of fields that Michael has experience in has helped his clients ten-fold – meaning that he can draw on his array of knowledge to find the right solutions. 

Having started and ran his own practice he also understands how business works and the challenges of being a business man.

The start of Labrums

Michael started Labrums in 1990, which was a challenging time due to the UK being in the middle of a recession. He said:

“It was pointed out there were already over 50 law firms, many of which were very well established, well connected and with excellent reputations. We were starting from scratch with none of those benefits and in the middle of a very bad recession.”

Despite doubts, Labrums has thrived since the beginning. Priding itself on being an alternative type of legal practice, Michael and his team make sure that they listen to clients instead of instructing them, as well as offering them an excellent service rather than expecting them to take what they’re given.

Labrums’ Values

From the outset, Michael established the values of the firm: to be honest to the team and clients, helpful in any way they can and hungry to improve and achieve success for clients. As a result, the Labrums team has achieved excellent ratings from clients and team members. These values have resulted in growth of the business, largely through recommendations and repeat business. Many of Labrums’ current clients have been with them since the beginning.

Michael receives immense satisfaction from helping clients and colleagues, helping to foster a supporting environment where everyone is happy with what they’ve achieved.

He believes that people often instruct a solicitor because they are going through a very stressful and difficult time. It is Michaels and his teams job to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible and help them to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Passions outside of work

Outside of his legal passions, Michael enjoys hiking and has walked in Nepal, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. In the colder months, he likes to spend time on the slopes, and enjoys watching the Rugby Union when it’s on. With any time left over, Michael loves to spend it with his friends and family

Get in touch with Michael

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