The rules of intestacy apply! Which means:

  • If you have no children, your spouse (husband/wife/civil partner) will inherit the entire estate. However, if you have children your spouse will only inherit the first £250,000 (plus all personal belongings). The rest will be split 50/50 between your spouse and any children – If a child has died before you leaving you with grandchildren that child’s share will go to the grandchildren
  • If you have a partner but are unmarried, he/she will receive nothing under intestacy (although if you co-own a property as ‘joint tenants’, they will automatically receive your share of it regardless of your will or the intestacy rules). Your assets will instead pass to the next in line in accordance with the intestacy rules. If you have no spouse or children your assets will pass to your parents if they survive you. If they do not it will pass to your brothers and sisters if any and if not to other relatives
  • If you have no surviving relatives and you haven’t made a will your entire estate will pass to the Crown
  • Any previous will is automatically revoked upon marriage (unless it specifically states that it is made in contemplation of that marriage), so if you don’t make a new will the rules of intestacy will apply
  • The provisions of a will would also be changed if you divorce

For your will to be valid, you must be over 18 and of sound mind. It must be made voluntarily in writing, signed and properly witnessed.

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