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 When Michael Labrum formed Labrums Solicitors in 1990 he set out to create something a little different. Michael Labrum says "I was never happy with the way in which solicitors practices were run. They seemed to me to focus too much on the needs and view point of the solicitors providing the services and not enough on the clients 

With contested wills and estates on the rise; how can you ensure your Will can stand up in court? It would be nice to think that once you have made the effort to draw up and sign your will, your estate will definitely pass, on your death to the beneficiaries you have chosen. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are two different ways in which your will and estate can be contested following your death and the number of such claims going to Court is showing an upward trend;

Royal Mail are once again providing a free service to send your child a personalised letter from Santa.All you need to do is send a letter to Santa with your child's name, and your address by Friday 6th December to receive a personalised letter. You can also send a letter for you class at school. Santa aims to reply to children before December 24 - or Christmas Eve. Santa/Father Christmas,Santa's Grotto,Reindeerland,XM4 5HQ Royal Mail Privacy Policy  

Until relatively recently land was the dominant source of wealth and so land law was one of the most important areas of law. The history of English land law can be traced to Roman times but current land law has its roots in the feudal system established after the Norman Conquest.

Before buying a small business, you should consider commercial issues including the following: - whether to commission a pre-purchase audit; whether to work within the business itself to see what the cash receipts are in practice;

Labrums are currently offering our Will writing service at the discounted rate of £249 plus VAT for a single Will (usually costing £325 plus VAT) or £449 plus VAT for mirror/couples Wills (usually £550 plus VAT).

Labrums Solicitors have reached the finals in the Access to Justice category of the 2019 UK Diversity Legal Awards.

Where did it come from?Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), was first brought to the UK by a German-born botanist named Philipp von Siebold who found the plant growing on the sides of volcanoes in Japan in 1840.Von Siebold collected samples to take to his nursery in Leiden (Holland). In August 1850 the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew received a gift parcel of plants including Japanese Knotweed from von Siebold’s nursery. 

Labrums’ Susana Diez will be attending the BSLA Annual Conference in Madrid, 3rd and 5th of October this year. The British Spanish Law Association (BSLA) was founded in 2001 to promote and strengthen relations between lawyers in the United Kingdom and Spain, drawing members from both jurisdictions.

Will Aid is an annual fundraising campaign involving nine of the UK’s leading charities. With the support of solicitors who donate their skills, Will Aid encourage people to have their Will drawn up by a professional solicitor whilst at the same time supporting charity. 

Civil partnerships were introduced in the UK under the Civil Partnership Act 2004  for same-sex couples to legally unite in something similar to a marriage, but without some of the same legal rights.

In this One to One, Elspeth talks to Michael Labrum about the evolution of law and the distinction between law and rules.Elspeth asks why law is so important and why solicitors are necessary?

Labrums first pop-up legal clinic (hosted on 9th July) was a huge success.

Host Danny Smith was joined by legal expert Michael Labrum from Labrum’s  Solicitors.  Michael and Danny discuss the recent story about the pedestrian who stepped out in front of a cyclist, whilst looking at their phone, yet it was the cyclist who ended up losing the case.

Labrums are holding a FREE legal advice clinic at The Marlborough Pavilion in St Albans on Tuesday 9th July from 11am - 8pm.

The Supreme Court has backed Lambeth Council over store planning condition 'drafting error'.

Staff at Labrums law firm in St. Albans have baked 100 cupcakes and donated them to The Orchard Nursing home to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Labrums' solicitor Kate Austen joined 3,000 adventurers of all experience levels & ages to walk 100 kilometres non-stop along the spectacular Jurassic Coast - a World Heritage Site.

Danny talks to Matt Bigg from The St Albans Film Festival. Matt is one of the directors of the event and shares an exclusive first look at this year’s programme.