Everyone at Labrums would like to wish all those who are currently serving in the Armed Forces, or have served in the past, and their families, all the very best for this year`s Armed Forced Day celebrations. We would also like to thank you for the valued services you are carrying out now, and have carried out in the past.

Our head of private client and later life services, Iain Wanstall, spent his first career in the Army before changing

careers and qualifying as a solicitor in 1996.

Iain says: “I thoroughly enjoyed my first career in the Army as an officer in the historic Scottish regiment, The Gordon Highlanders.  (Now the 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland).  The regiment was almost 200 years old when I joined it as a fresh faced young platoon commander shortly after finishing my degree at university on the eve of a two week NATO exercise in West Germany. (This was in the days of the Cold War.)  I met my platoon of 30 soldiers in the field.  They were mainly from Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland, Glasgow and one or two fellow “southerners” like me ! It was the beginning of a highly rewarding and worthwhile career, with some incredible people, which my time in the Army provided an invaluable experience for life and work outside the military. 

I found that two of the most influential experiences from my time serving were comradeship and the wish to provide a worthwhile and important service.  I find this is the same with the wide number of clients I have worked with over the last 20 years who are serving still, or have served in the past, or are (or were) in military families.  My career in the law as a private client lawyer – where my role is to work closely with individual clients regarding their individual requirements, often including planning for, or dealing with, very difficult circumstances – has been significantly influenced by my time in the Armed Forces, and, particularly, with the time with my Regiment.  It was, still is and, I am sure, always will be, for me, a very important and worthwhile part of my life.”

You can call Iain on 01727 858807 or email him at iwanstall@labrums.co.uk     

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