Recently engaged? Congratulations! What an exciting time for your both. This is a wonderful time and no doubt you’ve already been googling venues, wedding dresses and colour schemes.

When you’re as head-over-heels in love as you are right now, the last thing you want to discuss with your future Mr or Mrs is what will happen if your upcoming marriage fails.

But, with 118,140 divorces in 2012 it’s not a case of being unromantic, 

but more a case of looking after yourself and your future.

Of course no one wants a relationship to break down, but when it does the results can be catastrophic.

With emotions at an all time high and sense and reasoning flying out of the window, to know that you and your hard earned assets are protected can relieve a large amount of the stress and anxiety which go with a breakup.

Also talking openly when everything is good can iron out any problems and create a greater feeling of trust and security.

A prenuptial agreement, often known as a prenup is a written contract agreed between two people before they are married, is becoming an accepted ‘norm’.

What a good prenup should mean is that, where a divorce is the only real option, the whole process is handled more quickly, with less fighting.

Michael Labrum, founder of Labrums Solicitors, said: “Prenups have not been available in England and Wales for long and there has been uncertainty until recently about their effect.

“As a consequence they have not been widely used and are often regarded as something for the rich or famous.

“But anyone about to get married should at least consider a prenup and take proper advice. It can save an awful lot of heartache and pain if things do go wrong and be forgotten about if everything is going well.”

If the terms are pre-agreed both parties should have a clearer idea of where they stand and as a result, there should be less to argue over.

That’s especially important where children are involved.

A prenup in advance, which typically lists all the property that each owns (as well as any debts), and what each person’s rights will be if the marriage comes to an end.

If you are one of the lucky ones who never needs to refer back to this and lives happily ever after, congratulations. Long may it continue.

But if you’re one of those people whose life is rocked by an unexpected breakup, you can rest assured that you know where you stand.

The truth of the matter is divorce is an unpleasant business. It’s a cruel mix of legal procedure and human emotion. A prenuptial agreement can go at least some of the way towards easing the strain on the latter.

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