An update from Michael Labrum

I have just received instructions on a case which on initial reading seems simple. It is a dispute regarding the payment of an invoice. However, it is far more complex when you look at it as the invoice is for goods made abroad and supplied to the UK. Therefore, there are initial questions to answer about which country’s law applies and where the contract was made. 

It could have been

made a lot more straight forward if a proper agreement or T&Cs had been prepared in the first place. Another example of how spending a little money at the beginning can save a lot of money further down the line by avoiding disputes or reducing the area of conflict.

Good News

We also received the good news this week that so far we have raised £1685 for the fantastic charities supported by Will Aid. During Will Aid month last year, we had a number of clients who came in to draft their Wills and rather than than paying us, they make a donation to the charity. Find out more about the great work they are doing on their website.

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