Labrums’ Susana Diez will be attending the BSLA Annual Conference in Madrid, 3rd and 5th of October this year.

The British Spanish Law Association (BSLA) was founded in 2001 to promote and strengthen relations between lawyers in the United Kingdom and Spain, drawing members from both jurisdictions.

The aim is to provide a network of legal professionals with expertise in all areas in Spain and the United Kingdom and to cultivate personal and professional relations between members of the profession in both countries.

This year the interactive conference has been designed to provide delegates with the up to date knowledge and tools needed to service their international Anglo-Spanish clients. Case studies, panel discussions and networking with leading practitioners will give delegates an informative/experience-driven learning opportunity.

Topics for discussion at the conference are:

  • Crypto currencies: taxation and criminal aspects
  • Legal technology and start-ups
  • Banking law under Brexit
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution from a Commercial and Family law perspective
  • Trusts for Civil law practitioners
  • CRS Common Reporting Standards, EU Anti Money Laundering Regulation and EU’s
  • Beneficial Ownership Registers.
  • EU Succession Regulation and Matrimonial Property Regulations
  • Surrogacy in England and Wales & Spain
  • Brexit roundtable

According to 2017 estimates, 1.3 million people born in the UK live in other EU countries. Spain is the largest, hosting 381,025 British expats.

“The conference is extremely valuable and provides a close platform for like-minded professionals to discuss topical legal issues face to face.” – Susana Diez

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