Labrums Solicitors was one of the many nervous finalists attending the Herts Business Awards last night.

Labrums was shortlisted for the Online innovator category, alongside Trademark Eagle, Business Film Booth, and The Beez Kneez Fitness.

The judging panel, largely consisting of the event sponsors, including KPMG and Barclays Bank.

After much anticipation, Labrums Solicitors was announced as the winner at the Knebworth Barns

event in Stevenage.

Host Stewart White, presenter of BBC Look East, read out the comments on behalf of the judges.

“Adopting practices more inline with marketing agencies, the winner has adopted technology to build on their quality of service.

“From a clean, fresh website, to providing clear content to aid customers and clients whilst engaging their audience via social media. They have broken the mould from other businesses in their industry and continue to drive innovation.”

Michael Labrum, senior partner at Labrums Solicitors, said: “I am thrilled and overwhelmed to accept this award from the prestigious Herts Business Awards.

“Law firms can be seen as a fuddy old sector but I have believed for a long time that a good online presence was going to be a key differentiator for us going forward.

“To have won an award for Online Innovation clearly demonstrates how far we have come and what can be achieved by law firms.

“We have invested in creating an online presence and a social media following and use the digital technology to reach more of our potential clients.

“We have been working with +24 Marketing in the north of England who have helped us to develop our online activity and grow our business.

“Earlier this year we arranged a networking event at Knebworth Barns almost exclusively on twitter and this clearly shows the power of the digital age.

“It proves it can be done, that it works and that it is the innovative way of communicating with clients and prospective clients.

“I’m not sure I can quite believe we have won at the moment.”

Labrums would like to congratulate all the fellow finalists and winners of the awards and to thank the organisers of the awards dinner for a fantastic night.

For full details of all the winners, please download a copy of the official Awards Directory

This is the fourth award Labrums has received this year.

Others include gold awards for ‘blog’ and ‘responsive website’ in the Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2015, ‘best full service law firm – UK’ in the Business Awards 2015.

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