After setting targets to aim for at the start of the year, no one could predict the success that Labrums Solicitors has received.

With four acclaimed awards under their belt, an appearance on the radio, Labrums has now become one of the only legal firms in the UK to successfully win a test case in Spain.

Michael Labrum, senior partner, said: “At the beginning of the year we sat down and set out some targets.

“We set ourselves goals that we valued and regarded as important and this gave the firm a lot for focus.”

Labrums teamed up with +24 Marketing, based near Manchester, and commissioned a new, clean, fully-responsive website and enlisted their expertise for social media.

Michael said: “We wanted to focus on the non-traditional forms of marketing and client development for a legal firm.

“The more I spoke to clients and friends, the more it became obvious that social media is a means of referring people in a more comfortable way.

“If we are seen as a personal company and create contact with potential clients via social media, it allows us to form an online, digital friendship.

“Not many people enjoy getting inundated by emails. We wanted to maximise our offering.

“The traditional methods of referring people to a firm are still valid and useful, but this is another way we can reach a wider audience.”

This year the first has won gold awards in the Responsive Website and Blog category of the Herts Digital Awards, Best Full Service Law Firm – UK in the Business Awards 2015 and Online Innovator in the Hertfordshire Business Awards.

When asked whether their social media presence has made made a difference, Michael said it’s difficult to pinpoint where the success has stemmed from.

He said: “It’s hard to tell what difference social media has made.

“We identify the source of every enquiry, and while there has been a significant jump in the amount of new work, it’s hard to know whether it’s exclusively because of our digital presence.

“The awards will have helped too – which were because of our social media and online presence.

He said the firm has achieved two or three years goals in one year!

“We are really proud of the achievement. It has been a great year for Labrums.

“We had put in the foundations – a paperless environment, having people working remotely and the CST team help us to stand out, as well as our excellent quality of service.

“We knew we had the building blocks and had to put in the hard work.

“Our success has created a great momentum for us to build on. It’s not just one thing, it’s many smaller things coming together.

“As a firm, we are around 25% bigger than we were at the beginning of the year and we are looking to take on more people in the new year.

“The new lawyers coming in are blown away by the way we work. They said they haven’t come across any other legal firm that operated in the same way and that it’s the way forwards.

“So many new firms are coming to the market, but we are moving forward and leading the way.”

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