We are delighted to welcome Karen Weiner to the Labrums team.

After qualifying 25 years ago, Karen has specialised in Family Law for the past 18 years so she brings with her a wealth of experience in the sector.

Family Law is the area Karen feels most passionate about because of the variety of personalities it allows her to work with and also because of the relationships she can build with her clients.

She said:

“I enjoy Family Law because it’s always different; every person, every case, every situation is a new challenge. I love to get to know my clients and help them through their personal situations, which can be difficult for them. It sometimes helps them to know that they’ve got someone in their corner.”

Karen describes herself as a ‘pragmatic’ solicitor which is a real strength in Family Law as it can help remove the fear during tough situations, whilst creating a more personal service.

“It’s important for me to truly understand each client; not just who they are and their circumstances but also what they want to achieve. I think this is a good match with Labrums’ values, how they look to align themselves with the client to create a really personal service.”

Karen was also drawn to Labrums because of our innovative, forward-thinking nature; with attributes such as our paperless setup and adoption of The Link App that allows our staff to be flexible with the ability to have a great work/life balance.

One of Karen’s biggest pieces of advice when it comes to Family Law is for people to protect themselves as much as possible when it comes to life altering decisions.

“Prenups & Cohabitation Agreements are definitely avenues that are worth investigating when preparing to get married or when buying a house together. I understand that they can be sensitive subjects but it’s always worth preparing for the future.”

“All I would say is it’s worth asking the question; we’re approachable and we’re here to help.”

Outside of work, Karen is a keen fundraiser for cancer charities and has also just rescued a dog to accompany the cat she has previously rescued. Karen has a busy family life and enjoys spending down time with her husband and children in their holiday home in Spain.

Karen’s vast experience in Family Law will be a valuable asset to Labrums as our team continues to grow and move forward.

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