An innovative paperless law firm in St Albans is celebrating 25 years of business.

Labrums Solicitors, based at New Barnes Mill in Cottonmill Lane was established by Michael Labrum in 1990.

Michael, who is not afraid to think outside the box, is a trailblazer in the profession. He and his team have run a paperless office for the past four years, and the firm is currently finalist in four digital award categories of the Hertfordshire

Digital Awards.

Founder Michael, who had previously helped established solicitors practices in North Herts and South Beds, moved to St Albans 25 years ago and opened a law firm in the city centre. His practice grew from just himself to a team of 16 people.

He moved to Victoria Street in the city centre but with the change in economy in 2009/10 the company was forced to react to the changing market conditions.

Michael restructured the business and moved out of the city centre to their current, smaller offices with better parking.

He said: “We needed to change the business but change can be scary for people.

“I wanted to work in a way that reflected the needs of the clients and flexible working for the solicitors to give the best work-life balance.

“Some solicitors can be seen as set in their ways but i’m an ideas person and i’m willing to make changes.

“Law firms needed to be less arrogant and change their services. I wanted to make it run more as a business focusing on client needs and client service levels.”

The restructured team was joined by Teresa Crowley, who joined the team as a non-legal practice manager.

She said: “I had background in operation management. I brought in non-legal people to run the business as a business rather than a traditional law firms with partners.”

And now, the structure has been changed to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to ensure a more stable future.

Michael said: “It’s running as a business entity with a view to continued growth as more members come in and become shareholders.

“It is an achievement to reach 25 years in business. To still be running a profitable, successful law firm in my own name given what we have gone through in the recession. We have a plan for continued growth and look forward to the future.”

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