With this week focusing on children in need it is important to remember what a child needs when parents are separating or divorcing. All the things your child needed before the divorce or separation will still be needed no matter what the age. How those needs get met, can be a real challenge as some parents have different parenting styles, household structures and rules.    It helps when parents are on the same page about everyday

If you are considering getting a divorce you will know there are numerous financial implications to consider. It is often very difficult to separate the emotional stress from the practical issues which need to adressed. An area which can be overlooked is that of pensions. There are various factors to consider, including pension offsetting, equalisation of pension incomes and treatment of foreign pensions. This area of financial planning can

Susana is attending a reception at the Spanish Embassy in London today for the Spanish National day, known as Hispanic Day or Fiesta Nacional de Espana. This national holiday remembers the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. Columbus was trying to find a western sea route to India. On 12 October 1492 land was spotted, having left the Canary Islands five weeks earlier. They made landfall at an island in the

HM Courts and Tribunals (HMCTS) has provided an update on its plans to modernise e-working in family law. It’s vision is to have paperless processes from issue to resolution across this often complex and emotional area of law. The first step will be to introduce “shared storage systems”, hopefully by Spring 2018. At Labrums, we are aware of the benefits being paperless can bring to clients in terms of speed of

We are extremely pleased to be supporting this year`s Remember a Charity annual Wills campaign, which follows on from last year`s very successful  campaign.  To help support this important and worthwhile cause, we are offering a 10% discount for all Wills being prepared from the beginning of the campaign (Monday 11th September) until the end of the month. This year`s theme for the campaign is “What a Wonderful Will”

Iain Wanstall is running a free drop in session where clients can discuss wills and legacy gifts at theLondon Breast Cancer Haven, on Wednesday 13th September 12 p.m. to 4p.m. Please email Iain if you would like to meet him for a chat that day. Iain has many years experience advising clients about later life and estate/IHT planning, wills, lasting powers of attorney, asset protection and court of protection issues. Read more about Iain here

Summer can be a lovely time of year but can also be very stressful for couples particularly if the relationship is not going well. Planning and preparing for a holiday followed by uninterrupted time together and with the family can bring any cracks to the fore. If you would like to discuss your relationship issues and potential next steps please contact us to make an appointment to see our expert Reshma Sunnassee on 01727 858807 or

We are continually being asked how much we charge for initial consultations for family law issues, not least when it comes to couples getting divorced. Our answer is simple, the first session is free, we believe it is fundamental that clients feel comfortable and confident in their lawyer and it is not fair to charge for this session. You can have a free 30-minute family law appointment, where you will be able to speak to our family law experts

The below article details how a Harpenden man attempted to defraud his stepmother using a Power of Attorney. It is vital to ensure you get expert legal advice when preparing Powers of Attorney. Carefully and professionally prepared Lasting Powers of Attorney can assist greatly where people may need, or want, assistance in looking after their affairs.  Read the full article here. For more information call Iain Wanstall on 01727 858807 

"The U.K. witnessed yesterday a seminal moment in the evolution of the Rule of Law, when the Supreme Court ruled that the Government's previous actions in imposing fees on applicants to the Employment Tribunal were unlawful. The court went further, and said that access to justice was a constitutional right, so potentially its decision may be of far wider significance. On the downside this decision may trigger a surge of unwelcome claims

Susana met King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain yesterday at the Spanish Embassy in London. Susana attended with her husband and daughter, who managed to get a selfie with Queen Letizia. It was a momentous day for all who attended. The last State Visit from Spain to the UK was in 1986 by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Read more about Susana here

Iain Wanstall will be speaking to Nat West SME clients about how to plan for the future Iain will be talking about some of the succession steps that should be considered by business owners, including wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Iain, after his initial career as an Army Officer, has specialised in private client law and advising individuals on succession planning and related matters for the last 20 years read more about him here.

King Felipe VI, accompanied by Queen Letizia of Spain, has accepted an invitation from The Queen to pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from 12th to 14th July this year. They will visit Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. The last State Visit from Spain to the UK was in 1986 by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. On the morning of 12th July, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will greet the couple at their hotel on behalf of

Everyone at Labrums would like to wish all those who are currently serving in the Armed Forces, or have served in the past, and their families, all the very best for this year`s Armed Forced Day celebrations. We would also like to thank you for the valued services you are carrying out now, and have carried out in the past. Our head of private client and later life services, Iain Wanstall, spent his first career in the Army before changing

We have an opportunity for a Residential Property Solicitor to join us. Our business continues to grow so if you want to work in an environment where you can deliver high levels of expertise and service to clients, whilst working flexibly and using the latest technology and working practices, contact us today. Our office is in the beautiful St Albans countryside where you can work or see clients but we also have the systems to allow

Among non-lawyers, there prevails a belief that marital assets are simply divided 50:50 in a divorce. However, you should not assume that this is always the case as illustrated in this recent article in The Times. As this very recent case shows that the final outcome can be rather different. Read the article here:

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has recently issued his 17th View from the President's Chambers, as to the separation of divorce and financial proceedings. He says that the separation is necessary because: only a minority of divorce cases give rise to a financial claim divorce, as a process, is largely administrative and bureaucratic with limited judicial involvement, and unless the petition is defended, involves

Airport traffic figures for Spain have risen in the first four months of the year and look set to continue. People are visiting Spain not just for holidays; spanish property purchases are on the increase again. Passenger traffic figures for San Javier airport continued to show an increase during April, the latest figures released show that traffic at the airport rose by just under 20% during the first four months of the year, bringing

It is not often that fees decrease, but the registration fees for LPAs have in fact been reduced. The fees charged by The Office of Public Guardian to register LPAs and EPAs have been reduced from £110 to £82 for each document. Iain, our Head of Private Client and Later Life Department, says that “LPAs are extremely important documents which enable you to appoint someone, or some people, as your attorneys. 

The Government is introducing a dramatic rise in probate fees from May this year. Currently flat fees apply of £215 if probate is applied for by friend or family member and £155 if a solicitor completes the process. Under the new plans estates worth £2m will have to pay a fee of £20,000 to execute the wishes of the deceased’s will. There is less of an impact on smaller estates of between £50,000