We are extremely pleased to be supporting this year`s Remember a Charity annual Wills campaign, which follows on from last year`s very successful  campaign. 

To help support this important and worthwhile cause, we are offering a 10% discount for all Wills being prepared from the beginning of the campaign (Monday 11th September) until the end of the month.

This year`s theme for the campaign is “What a Wonderful Will” and is aimed at increasing awareness of just how important legacies left in Wills are for charities, many of which would not be able to survive and provide their services without people kindly supporting them in their Wills with legacies.

“Many of my clients have supported specific charities for many years during their lifetime, and wish to continue to be able to continue to support them after they have died” says Iain Wanstall, Head of our Private Client and Later Life Team. When we meet to plan their Will, we discuss their wishes and the options open to them to carry on supporting their chosen charity, or charities. This could be, for example, as a legacy in their Will, possibly a set amount of money, or a share of the overall estate. By such legacies, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have been able to continue their support, and the charities benefit from receiving the legacy.”

Iain was involved in the 2015 “Extreme Will Writing Campaign” by writing new Wills to leave legacies to charities – while sky diving!   He would be very happy discuss how you can support charities in your Will.  He would also be able to talk to you about the potential inheritance tax savings you could receive from such gifts, whilst still providing for your family and friends. 

Contact Iain at crt@labrums.co.uk or iwanstall@labrums.co.uk  or Tel: 01727 858807 to make an appointment to discuss your will and legacies.

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