The sad fact is that the most up to date statistics show that 42% of marriages end in divorce with half of those occurring in the first 10 years of marriage. That is the highest divorce rate in Europe and does not take into account the number of cohabitees that separate.

The high cost of divorce, financially and emotionally, as well as the adverse effect on any children involved, is well documented.  Divorce or separation should be seen as very much a last resort when all else has failed.

It may seem strange for divorce lawyers to say it but we try to encourage couples to do all they can to fix any problems that have and stay together. In that spirit, we list below the 10 most common reasons for a relationship to breakdown in our experience and opinion: recognising them may help fix problems before it is too late:

  1. The relationship has a low priority for one or both parties
  2. Growing apart
  3. Loss of physical attraction
  4. Financial pressures
  5. Infidelity or too much flirting
  6. Interference from parents or other family members
  7. Living with children from previous relationships
  8. Drinking, drugs or other addictions
  9. Influences from new friends or colleagues
  10. Different social or cultural backgrounds

There are of course many reasons why a relationship does not work out and each relationship is unique but we hope that sharing experiences will help.

Let us know your thoughts and stories.

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