It is important to remember what a child needs when parents are separating or divorcing.

All the things your child needed before the divorce or separation will still be needed no matter what the age.

How those needs get met, can be a real challenge as some parents have different parenting styles, household structures and rules.   

It helps when parents are on the same page about everyday

routines and discipline, co-parenting does not mean you have to do everything the same as one another.

You may no longer see eye-to-eye on things like bedtime or TV programmes, but can still focus on core values like safety, education and respect.

The key to how well your child manages differences between households often has to do with how well you’re dealing with them. Try to resist the urge to advise, criticise or control how the other parent does things in their home.

Instead think about it from your child’s point of view… 

  • What’s the hardest part of living in two homes?

  • What are some of the benefits of two homes?

  • How can you make it easier for your children? 

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