Great news that at long last the government seems prepared to do away with the fault based divorce system. Many of us could never understand why the law on this point was so out of touch on this issue.

It effectively compelled couples to allege adultery or unreasonable behaviour if they did not want to or could not wait for two years if their spouse consented to obtain a divorce or 5 years if they did not.

No one likes to be blamed openly when things do not work out and in most marriage breakdowns neither side is entirely faultless. Allegations of adultery or unreasonable behaviour can inflame an already delicate situation and polarise feelings at the worst possible time. As Sir Paul Coleridge, a former family High Court judge and founder of the charity Marriage Foundation, commented, this is a good first step but what is now needed is for the government to turn its attention to the other items on the family law agenda to provide divorce laws fit for purpose.

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