For many years there have been discussions about the need to update divorce law.
Divorce is not easy, even if it is amicable. It is usually a time of worry, conflict and stress.

It often includes financial pressure and deep worries about the children.
The Divorce law in England and Wales states the only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and that one of the following five facts are met:
• Adultery
• Unreasonable behaviour
• Desertion for two years or more
• The couple has been separated and living apart continuously for either two or five years

This means that couples have no choice but to blame each other if they want a divorce unless they are willing to wait for at least two years. Practically, many couples just cannot do this as there are finances to sort out amongst other things.
Blaming each other either for adultery or unreasonable behaviour can make a difficult situation even worse, especially as the reasons for divorce make no difference to any financial settlement or children arrangements (unless the behaviour is so bad it would be unjust not to take it into account).
Nigel Shepherd, the New Resolution National Chair, has asked that the call for a non-fault divorce in our country continues. He said “it’s wrong – and actually bordering on cruel – to say to couples: if you want to move on with your lives…. one of you has to blame the other.”

Mr. Shepherd, also paid tribute to Resolution’s members and their commitment to reducing family conflict and helping parents to put their children first. He said that he was “proud of the work our members do to protect the vulnerable and abused.”

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales, who campaign for improvements to the family justice system to include the introduction of a “no fault” divorce in the UK. They believe the law must change so that couples may divorce without the need for blame.

Labrums are proud to be a member of Resolution. If you are thinking about separation or divorce then Labrums can help.
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