The Supreme Court has backed Lambeth Council over store planning condition 'drafting error'.

Acquiring or disposing of commercial property can be a challenging and complicated process. Securing the right financing agreement for the purchase of property will often be crucial to the success of your transaction, so having the best support from the earliest stage is vital when it comes to securing a successful outcome for you and your business. 

The sickie - the one or two days a year where some people are defeated by a hangover or plan a shopping trip and resort to calling into work sick. The question is, can an employee be dismissed because of it? The recent case of Metroline West Ltd v Mr Ajaj UKEAT/0185/15/RN looked at when is it 'fair' to dismiss an employee if the employer suspects the employee may be exaggerating their ailments. To give you a bit of background

Ladies, put your hands up if you’ve had to consider what to wear for the office based on the temperature of the workplace? And men, how many of you are sick of women complaining that it’s too cold when you’re desperate to open a window? This is one of the age old battles of the sexes. But have you ever considered that it may be creating a divide between the males and females in your office? An underlying, unaddressed

5 Things to Remember About the Legalities of Rebranding It's no secret that effective branding is critical to getting ahead in business. Here are the five legal points you need to be aware of if you intend to make your brand a success. Protection is about more than just a nameIt's a common misconception that a brand is only the name of the company in question. Actually, the notion of protecting your unique business identity

It's common for entrepreneurs to go into business without planning contingencies for the future. Being driven and enthusiastic in your mindset is a positive way to start a new business endeavour, but untempered optimism can be problematic when you're planning for the long term. A shareholders' agreement is essential for anyone that is about to enter into business together, regardless of how well they may know one another. Here is a brief