Building Your Business

Each business we advise is unique, and we treat it as such. However our aim for all is the same – to contribute all we can to realising its commercial potential.

Large or small. partnership, joint venture or franchise. Your business success is our success.

Business Solicitors, St Albans 

At Labrums we understand that each business has its own life cycle, which we work within but that every business needs clarity. All stakeholders – owners, workers, customers – must know who is responsible for what, and what they can expect in return. Again, our principle is to offer a bespoke service underpinned by core principles.

We provide:

  • Advice on the formation of companies, limited liability partnerships, franchises and other business structures
  • An extensive service formulating business agreements for partnerships, joint ventures, agency distribution, franchises, shareholders, terms and conditions and more
  • Expert guidance on buying and selling companies and company assets

Our founder Michael Labrum has extensive experience of corporate and commercial law.

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