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Need legal advice on a business dispute? Our knowledgeable business dispute solicitors are here to help. We provide expert advice and representation, supporting you to prevent and resolve business disputes in all areas.


Resolve Your Business Dispute

Your company’s reputation and relationships are integral to your business. Our business dispute solicitors understand the value of preserving these relationships, and we work hard to resolve conflicts and get the best outcome for all involved. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes to minimise the risk of a dispute, and resolve business disputes when they do arise.

We work with large corporations, SMEs, and start-ups, offering legal advice on practical steps to prevent and resolve business disputes.

Our business dispute lawyers can robustly represent you and protect your company’s interests in negotiations, mediations and arbitration proceedings. Where litigation in the courts is unavoidable, we will fight for you.

Lauren Hadolt was very easy to talk to & covered everything very well.


Meet Lauren, One of Our Experienced Business Dispute Solicitors

Lauren Hadolt is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution.

Our aim is to empower clients to be able to make a commercially sensible decision on their disputes by explaining their legal position in clear terms.
Lauren did a great job - she grasped the facts of our situation quickly, suggested a sensible way forward without promising that it would definitely get the end result that we needed, but explained further actions we could take if this approach did not work. Lauren kept things moving and guided us to concentrate on what was important, not to be distracted by some of the accusations that came our way. We moved to a good end result which we dared not hope for just 3 weeks ago, when it seemed that we had reached stalemate. All of the Labrums team that we were in contact with were helpful and professional, we will certainly return should we need legal services in the future. Thank you all.

When Can a Business Dispute Occur?

Sometimes, a dispute is unavoidable: it’s just the nature of business. Disagreements within a business and between different businesses can arise for many reasons, such as breach of contract, disagreements concerning rights and responsibilities, and unpaid debts. We can help you resolve a wide range of disputes, including:


Case Study: Client A

Our client was involved in a dispute with their management company over management charges, right of way, and planned development work. The business dispute solicitors at Labrums successfully resolved the dispute.

How Labrums Can Help You Prevent Business Disputes From Arising

Prevention is better than cure. Even if you think you can win a business dispute, you’re still likely to spend a great deal of money and time pursuing it - resources which would be far better spent building up your business. Business conflicts can also damage relationships and affect your reputation. So it’s important that disagreements are prevented as far as possible and dealt with effectively if they do arise.

Our business dispute solicitors can reduce the likelihood of disputes arising by drafting clear and precise business agreements governing key activities and relationships within the company. This can include:

This makes it clear to all parties to the contract what their rights and responsibilities are, therefore reducing the risk of disagreement.

At Labrums, we understand the importance of carefully considered and well-drafted business contracts. Our experienced commercial solicitors can help you formulate precise agreements that not only prevent disputes but also provide effective ways to deal with disputes in the event that they do arise.

How Can Labrums Help Resolve Your Business Dispute?

At Labrums, our expert Commercial Litigation team have a depth of experience and a strong record of resolving business disputes for both large and small businesses.

To avoid the stress and expense of going to court, we strongly advocate settling business disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which in most cases is in the best interests of all parties. ADR involves using methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to resolve the dispute. Our experienced litigation solicitors have helped many of our business clients to come to an agreement in this way.

There are many benefits of ADR over litigation:

If ADR is unsuccessful and you do need to go to court, you can rely on Labrums to do everything necessary to get the best result for your company.

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When you contact us regarding a business dispute, we will listen to your situation carefully to understand your challenges and objectives and provide upfront, honest and dependable advice on the best course of action to take. As your case progresses, whether that is through ADR, litigation, or settlement agreements, we will ensure you remain informed and in control through regular communication. Labrums are trusted by a wide range of large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups with their dispute prevention and resolution needs.