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If you’ve bought property in Spain, you’ll know it’s not always straightforward. Think of the usual legal requirements of buying a house, then add a different language and legal system! It can add up to a lot of stress, and some costly misunderstandings.

What you need is peace of mind – dealing with fully qualified Spanish lawyers in the UK without any language barrier. At Labrums we offer you both. We have practised Spanish Law for over 15 years and can provide expert legal advice in Spanish if required. Whatever the task, our work will comply with Spanish law and we will tell you in plain English exactly what is happening.

Services for Spanish Property & Legal Matters

We offer a range of services, such as:


Spanish Property Services

● Property – buying, selling, mortgages, residency and NIE numbers

● Advice in making a gift to the Spanish property to the children

I used labrums Solicitors for passport related issues and even though my case was very unique and complicated (Sergio Zamudio) my solicitor's expertise in Spanish legal affairs made me feel confident I found the right man for the job. You may find cheaper. You won't find better. Many thanks Sergio!

Spanish Wills and Probate

Navigating Spanish probate can be a daunting task for UK nationals. Our expert English lawyers specialise in Spanish law to provide seamless probate services, tailored to the unique requirements of both jurisdictions. Services include:

Spanish Wills: help writing a Spanish will to protect your assets in Spain, comply with Spanish law and avoid costly delays and legal issues

Spanish Probate and administration of estates: expert legal advice to navigate Spanish probate law, which is very different to the UK

● Document Preparation: including affidavits of Spanish law for England, to enable UK solicitors to resolve probate applications

● Execution of UK Probates in Spain: legal tasks, such as valuation of estate assets, submitting Inheritance Tax return, settling estate debts, paying out beneficiaries, advising on minimising inheritance tax in compliance with Spanish law


Other Spanish Legal Services

With Labrums, whether you’re looking to move abroad or already own property in Spain, navigating the Spanish legal system doesn’t have to be difficult. Our English lawyers specialising in Spanish law can assist with any of your legal needs, including:

● Litigation and legal advice

Applications for Spanish Citizenship

● Affidavits or Certificates of English law for Spain

● Insurance

● Financial - capital gains/inheritance tax planning and foreign exchange

● Advice in the dissolution of the partnership relating to the divorce cases

● Translation


Labrums: Spanish lawyers in the UK, helping you to navigate Spanish law

Our team of Spanish lawyers, conveniently located just outside of London, will expertly navigate you through the process, providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind. From document preparation to inheritance tax matters, our experienced team can handle every aspect efficiently. Trust us to be your bridge between UK and Spanish law, making an often mystifying process straightforward and stress-free.

Sergio, our Spanish Solicitor, is a member of the Malaga Bar Association and a Registered Foreign Lawyer with the Law Society. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and has vast experience of both the Spanish and British legal systems, so rest assured you will be in safe hands with his guidance.

Sergio had to deal with our parents death with the banks in Spain. As the banking system is unregulated, their communication was dreadful and what was already a difficult experience was made worse by the banks, Sergio not only communicated regularly with us but in his own time whilst travelling home to Spain over the Christmas break went to the banks to attempt to resolve the issues which he did Sergio and the team are some of the nicest and most trustworthy Solictors I have ever met and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Trust these guys with your life!

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