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As specialist probate solicitors based locally in St Albans, we provide a full range of legal services covering wills, probate and estates. We can help you with both legal advice and practical work surrounding probate and administration:

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Dealing with a deceased’s estate: download the step-by-step guide

Being entrusted to carry out someone’s final wishes is an honour, but it can be emotionally testing.

It’s not always easy to know what to do, or when.

Our step-by-step guide outlines everything you need to know about probate and estates. It’s a simple set of instructions that will help you to ensure that everything is taken care of.


What is Probate?

Probate is the process of dealing with a person’s estate, when they have died.

Their estate could include property, money and other possessions. There may be tax or debts to pay out of the estate, before distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries of the will.

Probate can get complicated, especially if there is no will, or if there is a dispute about the will. Managing all of this when someone has died can be emotionally testing, but the probate solicitors at Labrums will take care of the process and provide the support you need.


Probate & Estates Legal Advice and Support

At Labrums, our probate solicitors will take care of all the legal, tax and administrative work on your behalf.

We offer support, ensuring all the money due to an estate is collected, the right amount of tax and any debts are paid and any disputes or claims are dealt with.

We can also advise on whether the terms of a will or distribution of an estate can be varied after death for the benefit of the family using a Deed of Variation.


Your dedicated probate solicitors, led by Michael Labrum

Having qualified as a solicitor in 1980 and set up Labrums ten years later, Michael has a depth of experience in probate law, alongside a range of other disciplines. His exceptional knowledge of wills, probate and tax law will stand you in good stead when it comes to handling your loved one’s estate.


Save on probate costs, with expert advice from Labrums

Traditionally, as an executor, there would be many upfront Probate costs, including:

Labrums will limit your financial commitment by recovering costs early (meaning you’ll pay less from your own pocket).


Probate & Estate Services

Labrums' probate solicitors provide a range of services, including applying for probate and the administration of the estate.

Applying for probate


Applying for the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions (their “estate”) when they die is called applying for probate.

Probate is the process of proving that a will is valid (if there is one) and confirming who has authority to administer the estate of the person who has died. You should not make any financial plans or put property on the market until you’ve got probate. Before the next of kin or executor named in the will can claim, transfer, sell or distribute any of the deceased's assets they might have to apply for a grant of probate.

  • If the person left a will you will need a grant of probate if they owned property or significant assets in their sole name. If a bank or other financial institution has asked for a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration (also called a grant of representation), this means probate is likely to be needed.
  • If the person did not leave a will you will need a grant of letters of administration

Our specialist probate solicitors will support you at every stage of the application.




During the administration period, the executor or administrator/s gather all of the deceased's assets, pay all the debts of the estate (including any inheritance tax) and then distribute the estate in accordance with the deceased's will (or any deed of variation).

Our probate solicitors will be happy to help you with both.


Do I need a Deed of Variation?

A Deed of Variation is a deed by which one or more beneficiaries of a will give up their entitlements under the deceased's will in favour of other people.

We can advise when a Deed of Variation would be beneficial.

We received the utmost professionalism, expertise, efficiency and care with the handling of my father's probate and relevant affairs.

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