When Mr C lost his wife, he needed legal support as executor of her will to avoid facing any legal issues in the future. He was looking for a compassionate and professional service that he could rely on.


Situation and Challenges

After the recent death of his wife, Mr C contacted Labrums to assist him in dealing with the legal responsibilities of being both the executor of her will as well as the sole beneficiary. Mr C requested Josie Birnie to work on his case as he had been happy with Josie’s legal work in the past and felt comfortable that she could guide him through this legal process.

Mr C was aware that as executor he was personally liable for any issues or mistakes made in dealing with his late wife's estate. The aftermath of a close personal loss is difficult enough without the added worry of the legal implications of executing a will correctly. Labrums were there for Mr C to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.


Approach and Methods

After a death, the main legal work that needs to take place involves completing an Inheritance Tax return and obtaining a grant of probate. Before moving forward with Mr C’s case we first had to ascertain whether these legal requirements were needed. When a case involves the death of a spouse while the other spouse is still alive, these legal processes are often not required.

Together with Mr C, we worked through what assets were in his wife's name, what their current values were and whether a grant of probate would be required. After collecting all the relevant information, it was clear a grant of probate was not required.

Relevant parties in the will would need to be notified, as well as liabilities paid and assets collected according to what was stated in his wife's will. We assisted Mr C in this process to make sure that all legal responsibilities were met so he would not have to worry that anything had been missed.



Mr C was informed that he did not need a grant of probate and that he was not required to file an Inheritance Tax return. Our legal advice and assistance for Mr C was charged on a time basis and, in the end, amounted to less than 3 hours work. Without a trustworthy solicitor by his side and a great team supporting him, Mr C would not have had such a quick resolution with such value for money. The process was much simpler than Mr C may have imagined, as Josie and the team at Labrums supported him throughout, ensuring all his legal requirements as executor of his wife’s will were met. Mr C was left with the peace of mind that everything had been taken care of by skilled professionals.

I am happy to have helped Mr C at what was a distressing time, this is the reason I do this job.

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