A professionally executed will gives a person the peace of mind that their estate will be received by exactly who they wish to benefit, as in the case of Ms M, a single mother with a minor child.


Situation and Challenges

Ms M was a single mother who reached out to us to execute a will to ensure that her estate would be left to her minor child. It was important to her that her child's father would not be able to benefit from her legacy. Ms M’s family did not live in the UK and could not speak English fluently so it would be challenging for them to support Ms M’s child in legal matters in the event of her death.


Approach and Methods

There are different ways a client can reach out to us to enquire about our will and trust services. Ms M used our convenient online written request for a quote. We arranged a Zoom meeting with Ms M to discuss her case, giving us a greater understanding of what involvement, if any, she wanted from her child’s father or from her own family in the management of her legacy.

It was imperative for Labrums to understand Ms M’s needs and wishes clearly so we could offer relevant and trustworthy legal advice tailored to her individual needs.

Although Ms M’s focus was to make her minor child the beneficiary of her estate, it was important for us to discuss alternative beneficiaries if her child were to die with her. Conversations around death can be sensitive and upsetting but Labrum’s have 30 years of experience caring for our clients and approaching these difficult topics with compassion and clarity. Identifying alternative beneficiaries gave Ms M even more peace of mind knowing that even in the worst-case scenario her legacy will be protected.



Ms M felt comfortable with our team and together we drafted her will and decided to include professional executors. Professional executors could advocate on behalf of her minor daughter if she were to die while her child was still underage. For further security that Ms M’s wishes would be followed, we advised her to write a letter of wishes to her executors, stating exactly how her legacy should be managed. This was an important step for Ms M to take as she felt strongly about avoiding any interference from her child’s father.

Once everything was prepared, we managed to meet Ms M in person at our offices, with her daughter, to execute her will. Ms M can now feel safe and secure in the knowledge that all legal steps have been taken to ensure her child is looked after, after her death.

I was pleased to help Ms M put in place arrangements for her young daughter in her will, as I know how we all worry about our kids if something should happen to us.

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