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With no connections with anyone in law during my time at school and university, I considered myself an outsider to the legal profession. Even without the legal contacts, I knew that law was something that gave me purpose and satisfied a need to help people.

During my career I have practised in many different fields including criminal law, family law, trusts, wills and probate, residential and commercial property, company law and commercial law. I’ve found that this range of legal knowledge helps my clients because I can draw from different experiences and knowledge, finding solutions which would not be obvious to someone who has specialised in just one area of law.

Starting from scratch in 1990 (in the middle of a recession), Labrums has thrived since the beginning by being what I see as an alternative legal practice. This means listening to clients, instead of instructing them, and offering them excellent service rather than expecting them to take what they are given.

From the outset I established the values of the firm: to be honest to each other and our clients, helpful in any way we can and hungry to improve and achieve success for our clients. As a result, we’ve achieved excellent ratings from our clients and internally from our team members.

Personally, I receive immense satisfaction from helping clients and my colleagues. It is really satisfying to help someone by practising the law to provide an outcome that hopefully exceeds their expectations.

Outside of my legal passions, I enjoy hiking and have walked in Nepal, Australia including Tasmania, New Zealand and the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. I also like to ski and love watching the Rugby Union when it’s on. With any time left over, I of course love to spend time with family and friends.