We liked the adherence to deadlines and the feeling that our case was not forgotten or neglected. We liked the summaries of the legal documents. It saves time and clarifies certain points. 5 out of 5.

Would you use our services again? If I will need in the future, definitely, yes. Would you recommend us to your friends and family? Yes Was there anything we did very well? It was very good and fast service – communication and information to the customer, understanding their work and ability to perform it professionally. 5 out of 5

Collete & Team. We thank you so very much for all your hard work and stress to get us 'home'.  Best Wishes xxx

Efficient service, Colette was very helpful. Good administrative staff support 5 out of 5

I have already used Labrums' services again and would recommend them to friends and family. 5 out of 5

Very happy with the full service received. Would recommend friends and family to use Labrums.  Any issues from lack of information from the Sellers was explained very well. 5 out of 5

5 out of 5 - Service was very good, cannot think of any improvements – Certainly went the “extra mile” on our behalf. 

Laura Thanks for your help in sorting this out so professionally and efficiently.

We are absolutely happy with your service and we don't see any room for improvement. We have been amazed how the process went smoothly and the way you treated us

Dear Michael, I hope You and your family are keeping well. Before ending this year, I would like to send you my warmest greetings and my best wishes for the next year. I'm deeply grateful to You, for all you have done concerning my Uncle's legal affairs. I hope to see You again to be able to shake hands, and personally thank to You. With My Best Wishes for the New Year. Kind regards Dr Farrando

Dear Janet, I chose Labrums because I knew of their reputation. I have been very satisfied with all aspects of your service for me. I would willingly recommend you to anyone. - Canon John Green

We received the utmost professionalism, expertise, efficiency and care with the handling of my fathers probate and relevant affairs. These sort of things to a lay person can seem daunting even at our strongest times, let alone when we're dealing with a family loss, so we are enormously grateful to Colette, you and your team for providing the perfect professional legal service, which I have no doubt, made the whole process much smoother than it could have been with a less efficient and careful company. We don't know of anyone yet who needs your services but we will certainly keep

Thank you for all your efforts and the closure in a timely manner. You have been very responsive to my emails and have concluded a speedy closure. I will certainly look forward to do my future purchases through yourself and I will also proudly recommend you to friends and family. - Ms M