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If you’ve bought property in Spain, you’ll know it’s not always straightforward. Think of the usual legal requirements of buying a house, then add a different language and legal system! It can add up to a lot of stress, and some costly misunderstandings. 

What you need is peace of mind – dealing with fully qualified Spanish lawyers in the UK without any language barrier. At Labrums we offer you both. We have practised in Spain for over 10 years, we can provide expert legal advice in Spanish when required and now have plans for a branch in Murcia. Whatever the task, our work will comply with Spanish law and we will tell you in plain English exactly what is happening.

Services for Spanish Property & Legal Matters 

We offer a range of services such as:

Spanish Property Services:

  • Property buying, selling, mortgages, residency and NIE numbers
  • Advice in making a gift to the Spanish property to the children.
  • Recovery of deposits - paid for Off-Plan property in Spain

Spanish Wills and Probate:

  • Spanish Wills
  • Spanish Probate and administration of estates
  • Drafting documents including affidavits of Spanish Law for England, to enable UK Solicitors to resolve Probate applications
  • Execution of UK probates in Spain by obtaining valuation of all the assets of the estate, agreeing the tax liability, applying for the Grant of Probate and executing this in Spain, submitting Inheritance Tax return, settling the debts of the estate, paying out the beneficiaries, arranging the sale of the assets, advising on minimising Inheritance tax

Other Spanish Legal Services:

  • Litigation and legal advice
  • Affidavits or Certificates of English law for Spain
  • Insurance
  • Financial - capital gains/inheritance tax planning and foreign exchange
  • Advice in the dissolution of the partnership relating to the divorce cases
  • Translation

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"Susana actually responded to some of my emails outside office hours which helped to get the matter resolved very quickly - I appreciated that"