Selling a House

Selling a property can be hugely stressful and exciting at the same time. Our residential conveyancing lawyers are here to reduce your stress as much as possible so you can look forward to the next chapter of your life. We are proud to deliver home sellers in St Albans and nationwide with a personal and professional service that will identify and understand your specific challenges and requirements to deliver what you need.

When selling up, you can have confidence that our conveyancing solicitors will work hard to complete the transaction swiftly and smoothly. Our clients value our extensive knowledge of the St Albans property market and our solutions-driven approach, which allows us to identify and deal with issues before they can cause delays or additional cost. Our experts are CQS accredited meaning that we are fully qualified to help you with any requests you may have about residential conveyancing.

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Selling a Property: Our Conveyancing Service

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. Once you have accepted a buyer’s offer on your property, our conveyancing solicitors will begin by preparing the draft contract and other essential documents.

Draft the contract and gather the documentation

We will prepare the contract for sale, including details on the price, completion date, deposit and fixtures and fittings. You will need to provide us with details of any mortgage on the property and replies to standard property enquiries. We will also apply to the Land Registry for the official register of title. All this information will be sent to the buyer’s solicitor to check.

Respond to the buyer’s enquiries

During the process of checking the contract and title deeds and carrying out property searches, the buyer may raise further enquiries about the property. This can include questions about planning permission for an extension or responsibilities for repairs to roads and other common areas. We will inform you about any enquiries, help you find the information to support your response and reply on your behalf. It is important that enquiries are dealt with properly as if the buyer is unhappy with the response, they may back out of the sale or sue you if you have misrepresented the position.

Exchange of contracts

Once negotiations on the terms of the contract are complete, we will arrange with the buyer’s solicitor for the contracts to be exchanged. At the same time, the buyer’s deposit will be transferred and we will confirm with you once this is done. Once exchanged, the contract of sale is legally binding on all parties.


On the agreed date of completion, we will receive the remaining amount for the property from the buyer’s solicitor and will pass the keys to them in exchange. We will also ensure your mortgage is repaid and the estate agent's commission is paid, if applicable. After completion, we will send the transfer deed to the buyer’s legal representative, which means the legal ownership of the property has officially transferred to the buyer.

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Labrums’ residential conveyancing lawyers assist home sellers in St Albans City and District as well as nationwide. We know that you want a smooth and quick transaction, and for any issues to be identified early and managed effectively. Our client-centric team of property solicitors are committed to working with you to identify and understand your specific challenges and requirements to deliver what you want. We provide a secure portal where you can see any relevant documents or papers and check the current position at any time. For specialist residential conveyancing advice and services that are value for money, call us on 01727 858807 or use our online enquiry form and we will be in touch.