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Before you commit to mediation, one of our trained solicitors will meet with you for an initial meeting. It is essential for you to have confidence in us and we understand that you need to meet with us face to face before making the important decision of how you want to deal with your issues. If you are interested in having an initial meeting with one of our specialist mediation lawyers, please contact us today.

What is an initial meeting?

It is approximately one hour long, completely confidential and usually without the other party present. The meeting will give you the opportunity to meet with one of our mediation solicitors to discuss your particular circumstances. It allows you to talk about the various options in which you can address your issues, such as:

  • mediation
  • collaborative law
  • court proceedings

If you identify that mediation is suitable for you, then the mediator can discuss how the mediation process could help you and explore how it fits in with other help, for example:

  • independent legal advice
  • independent financial advice
  • direct child consultation

You can obtain information on the process, the costs and whether you qualify for legal aid (public funding).

Labrums Expert Family Mediation Solicitors, St Albans

Mediation is a voluntary process which helps couples who have decided to separate or divorce talk things through. Both parties will come along to mediation together. It is not counselling or legal advice, however, it allows you and your partner to discuss your issues in a safe, neutral place which is managed and assisted by properly trained professionals. The hourly cost of a Mediation session is £250 + VAT. This can be paid by one party of shared by both. We do not offer a legal aid mediation service. If you think mediation is the right route for you and your partner, contact Labrums Solicitors today.


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Mediation FAQs

How can Mediation help?

Mediation can ease the pain of family breakdown as it reduces tension and hostility by keeping communication channels open and can save costs of going to court. Mediators give impartial guidance to help understand what matters to you and to help you make your own choices about the best way forward. They will help you reach a practical solution which feels fair for both you, and your family. It can be a positive process in many other ways, because:

  • it is confidential
  • you have control over the timescale
  • you have control over the outcome

What is a Mediator’s role?

Mediators are trained to help couples reach an agreement about how to make the best arrangements for the future. This may be about the way that the children are cared for, or how finances will be organised. Mediation is considered one of the most amicable and cost-effective ways to agree on issues around separation. As Mediators, we:

  • are neutral and impartial
  • are independent from your legal or financial advisers
  • can give information but not advice
  • help you discuss your issues in a safe, confidential and voluntary way
  • manage full and frank information sharing
  • promote positive and direct communication
  • help you find your own options for the future
  • reality test your proposals
  • document the information shared

How many Mediation sessions will we need?

You will probably have a number of sessions together with the mediator – it is not uncommon to have five or six sessions lasting one or two hours to help you reach an agreement.

What is the cost of Mediation?

The cost of a one-hour Mediation session is £125 + VAT per person. We do not offer a legal aid mediation service.

We have reached an agreement at Mediation, what now?

When an agreement has been reached, your proposal is then approved by each of your independent solicitors who will complete the legal formalities.

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At Labrums Solicitors, we can help those who require family mediation. Whether you or someone you know is in the unfortunate position of experiencing a breakdown in a marriage or civil partnership, we have the comprehensive Family Mediation Service to assist. As professional family lawyers we firmly believe that discretion is of the upmost importance, and that is why our office is ideally situated outside of town allowing our clients to deal with these personal and sensitive circumstances in private. To arrange an initial meeting, contact our expert mediation solicitors today on 01727 858807 or via our online enquiry form.

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Mediation Awareness Week - Saturday 6th October to Friday 12th October 2018


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