It’s difficult dealing with the pain of a relationship that is irretrievably broken, but what follows can feel worse as you have to adjust to new lives especially if children are involved. It’s a process that needs to be carefully managed to minimise lasting damage.

Family & Divorce Lawyers, St Albans 

At Labrums, we have experience of listening to people struggling with the reality of divorce or separation. We consider all of the alternatives available to you including counselling, separation agreements, mediation or even a cooling-off period.

If you do go to court, we will do all we can to settle the case on the best terms possible for you.

One way to avoid the trauma of a contested divorce is to take out a pre-nuptial agreement and Labrums can advise you on the preparation of these.

Our experienced family solicitor Reshma Sunnassee can help you with a wide range of family law services, and is a member of Resolution and the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. Our services include:


  • Sepration Agreements
  • Children’s disputes – residence (custody)


  • Financial agreement and orders
  • Injunctions and harassment orders


  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Cohabitation agreements 


  • Children's disputes - contact (access)
  • Post and pre-nuptial agreements 

Free Family Law Surgery

We are also offering you a free 30-minute family law appointment, where you can speak to our family law experts for advice on family related issues.The sessions are informal and require no financial obligation. Spaces are by appointment only and run on Tuesday mornings between 11am and 1pm

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