If you haven’t spotted it on our social media profiles, we are celebrating National Green Office Week this week, between the 9th and 14th of May.

Being environmentally friendly is something we at Labrums take very seriously. For the past five years, we’ve operated as a “paperless” office; something almost unheard of within the legal sector.

There are currently nine members of our team who carry out legal work for our clients; from those nine team members, the only “paper” that is held for all those cases fits into one four shelf cabinet.

A big step for us in our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible was for our Terms of Business to be added to our website so they do not have to be printed and signed by clients who instruct us. Whilst this may seem like a small step, this method of dealing with our regulatory requirements was approved by our regulators the SRA, who informed us that they had never been asked for approval for something like this before, proving that what we are doing is truly groundbreaking.

Nearly all of the communication between our team and our clients is electronic, and when paperwork is required, it is always in black and white, and double sided. All shredded paper is recycled, all invoices are completed electronically and that’s not just for outgoing invoices, we even have a paperless process for incoming invoices too.

The main benefits we see in the business as a result of being more “green” are reduced costs, more efficient processes and improved client service as turnaround times are so much quicker.

If you would like to find out any more about our paperless initiative, or if you would like any legal advice, please do call us on 01727 858807.