Landlord and Tenant Lawyers

At Labrums, we advise landlords and tenants on a range of contentious and non-contentious matters in respect of both commercial and residential properties. Our clients, based in St Albans and nationwide, value our extensive knowledge of the local area and our depth of experience in landlord and tenant law, which we have built up over 25 years in practice.

The law relating to landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities regularly changes. Our landlord and tenant lawyers are committed to remaining up to date with all developments so we can provide you with the most reliable advice. If you are a landlord or tenant who wants advice from solicitors who will identify and understand your specific challenges and requirements to deliver what you want please get in touch at the earliest opportunity. The sooner the matter is dealt with, the less time and money the issue is likely to cost you.

Our Landlord and Tenant Legal Advice and Services

We provide a comprehensive landlord and tenant law service. We regularly advise on the following:

Commercial landlords and tenants

  • Assignments
  • Break clauses
  • Dilapidations and repairs
  • Lease negotiation and drafting
  • Lease renewals
  • Licences
  • Rent arrears
  • Rent reviews
  • Breach of covenants

Residential landlords and tenants

  • Ending tenancies
  • Rent arrears
  • Rent increases
  • Repairs
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Nuisance actions


Labrums was great to deal with - easy communication style and persistent in dealing with challenges during lockdown. 


Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes between landlords and tenants in both the commercial and private sectors are not uncommon. When a disagreement occurs, this can cause significant stress, time and money if not handled quickly and efficiently.

Our landlord and tenant lawyers regularly advise and represent clients involved in disputes concerning their rights and responsibilities. In most cases, we believe avoiding court is in the best interests of both parties and so we aim to help our clients sort out their differences through alternative methods, such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Where court action is inevitable, however, we will work hard to protect your business and personal interests.

Commercial landlord and tenant disputes

Landlords and tenants of commercial properties can end up in disagreement where it is claimed that either is in breach of their obligations, such as failure to carry our repairs or pay rent. Our commercial property solicitors will provide direct and practical advice, helping you get the result you want ­– whether that is to preserve the relationship with the other party or move on.

Residential landlord and tenant disputes

Common issues that can cause conflict between private landlords and tenants include unpaid service charges, possession claims and breach of the tenancy agreement terms. Seeking advice as early as possible can often help diffuse the situation, but where relationships have deteriorated, we will advise on the most suitable and cost-effective way to resolve your dispute.

The National Landlords Association

Labrums is on the panel of solicitors for the National Landlords Association, meaning that we provide landlord and tenant legal solutions that give peace of mind by:

  • Issuing fast online claims for landlords
  • Quoting fixed fees for most other services
  • Having solicitors handling all stages of cases
  • Providing one point of contact
  • Having a dedicated specialist team
  • Offering a full range of legal services for landlords and tenants
  • Acting for residential and commercial landlords

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Our landlord and tenant lawyers assist clients in St Albans and nationwide in the full range of landlord and tenant legal matters. Whether you are negotiating and drafting a commercial lease or tenancy agreement, or dealing with a dispute with your landlord or tenant, our team can give you reliable and strategic advice to help you achieve your desired outcome.

For specialist landlord and tenant solicitors that will work with you to identify and understand your specific challenges and requirements to deliver what you want, call us on 01727 858807 or use our online enquiry form and we will be in touch.