Business Dispute Solicitors

You can win a business dispute but still lose a great deal of money and time pursuing it. That is why our business dispute solicitors advise all business clients that, when it comes to this thorny issue, ‘prevention is better than cure’. First, we help you put in place measures to minimise the risk of a dispute. However, if a disagreement does arise, we will work closely with you to understand your specific challenges, objectives, operating practices and competitive environment to find a solution to your problem.

We work with large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups across St Albans and Hertfordshire to offer pragmatic and reliable legal advice on preventing and resolving business disputes. Contact our dispute resolution solicitors today for expert legal advice.

When Can a Business Dispute Occur?

In many ways it is the nature of business that disputes will occur no matter how well the business is run. Unfortunately, in some cases, a dispute will be unavoidable. Disagreements between those involved in a business and between different businesses can arise for many reasons, for example because of breach of contract, disagreement concerning rights and responsibilities and due to unpaid debts. We can help you resolve a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Accident claims
  • Builder, consumer and contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Professional negligence
  • Property litigation
  • Shareholder disputes

Business conflicts can have wide-reaching repercussions for your company, including loss of time and money, as well as damage to relationships and reputations. Therefore, what is most important is that disagreements are prevented as far as possible and dealt with effectively if they do arise. 


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How Can Business Disputes be Avoided?

You can reduce the likelihood of disputes arising by drafting clear and precise business agreements governing key activities and relationships within the company, including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, employment contracts and terms and conditions. This makes it clear to all parties to the contract what their rights and responsibilities are and, therefore, reduces the risk of disagreement.

At Labrums, our business dispute lawyers understand the importance of carefully considered and well-drafted business contracts. We can help you formulate precise agreements that not only prevent disputes but also provide effective ways to deal with disputes in the event that they do arise.

How Can Labrums Help Resolve Your Business Dispute?

In most cases, it will be in the best interests of all those involved for the dispute to stay out of court and instead be resolved by a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These methods include negotiation, mediation and arbitration. There are many benefits of ADR over litigation, including:

  • They are less expensive
  • They generally take less time to conclude
  • They are confidential
  • They give the parties more control over the process and outcome

Our highly experienced team of dispute resolution solicitors, led by Kate Austen, regularly assist businesses in St Albans and the surrounding areas to settle conflicts quickly and effectively, preserving relationships and reputations in the process. We can robustly represent you and protect your company’s interests in negotiations and mediation and arbitration proceedings. However, where litigation in the courts is unavoidable, we will fight for you as hard as may be necessary.

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When you contact us regarding a business dispute, we will listen to your situation carefully to understand your challenges and objectives and provide upfront, honest and dependable advice on the best course of action to take. As your case progresses, whether that is through ADR or litigation, we will ensure you remain informed and in control through regular communication. Labrums are trusted by a wide range of large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups with their dispute prevention and resolution needs.

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