The sickie - the one or two days a year where some people are defeated by a hangover or plan a shopping trip and resort to calling into work sick. The question is, can an employee be dismissed because of it? The recent case of Metroline West Ltd v Mr Ajaj UKEAT/0185/15/RN looked at when is it 'fair' to dismiss an employee if the employer suspects the employee may be exaggerating their ailments. To give you a bit of background

It’s not long since we discussed the 12 metre wide sinkhole that suddenly appeared in St. Albans. If you missed it, take a look at our original article here. Since then, the residents have been forced to live in alternative accommodation whilst further survey work was undertaken on the cavity on Fontmell Close. It is hoped that the day of their return home is drawing nearer, as a report on the findings will be finalised within

On June 23rd, the UK will vote on whether or not it should remain in the EU. We’re sure you've already seen and read plenty about the potential pitfalls of both staying in the EU, and of opting out. However, not much has been written about potential effects to Spanish property should the British population vote to leave come the Brexit vote so here's a bit more information for you to digest.

We are delighted to welcome Karen Weiner to the Labrums team. After qualifying 25 years ago, Karen has specialised in Family Law for the past 18 years so she brings with her a wealth of experience in the sector. Family Law is the area Karen feels most passionate about because of the variety of personalities it allows her to work with and also because of the relationships she can build with her clients. She said:

Something we keep saying here at Labrums – “The future is coming, get ready.” And if Sir James Munby's prediction is correct, divorce may be the next thing to become digitised. The President of the Family Division told barristers that in future some court processes will be almost entirely digitised, citing online divorce and online probate as early examples. He said plans to digitise these proceedings could be initially

We are delighted to continue our innovative approach and use of technology to communicate with our clients by using The Link App to keep our clients up to date. The Link App is a revolutionary communication tool that connects us to our client’s smartphone application and is free for them to use. We use The Link App to save clients time and money by providing real time progress on their case, reducing

Labrums is proud to be located in an area steeped in history. As more new members of staff join the team, and people move to the area, we thought we would put together a little history of the area. Sopwell House, opposite the Labrum’s offices, was built on the site of Sopwell Priory following the dissolution of the monasteries. Legend has it that two local women lived as hermits beside the river and in

Susana Diez is the latest face to join the Labrum’s team. Susana is a Spanish solicitor who qualified in 1985 from Deusto University in Spain. She is a member of the Bilbao Bar, and has been a Registered European Lawyer with the Law Society since 1997. During her first post graduate years in Spain, she worked as a solicitor and a tax adviser for small companies and private individuals. Susana moved to England in

This January, Labrums is offering 20% off the normal cost of a will or Lasting Power of Attorney. It’s the new year. You’ve decided to lose weight, quit smoking, drink less etc. But have you promised yourself to get your affairs in order? Around half of the adult population don’t have a will. But why not if it's so important? Many people state they don't think they need one, that they believe they don't

Computer hacking is the great train robbery or jewellery heist of the 21st century. Traditional thefts such as chain-snatching and gold robbery now seem to be the petty thefts in comparison to hacking, which is constantly hitting the headlines. Hacking, commonly defined as breaking into computer systems with a view to access information, is a criminal offence and if found guilty it can hold a jail term of up to two years. These days

Labrums has welcomed a new face to their ever-expanding team - Iain Wanstall. Iain, who has over 19 years experience in law, will head up the later life, wills and probate team at the St Albans legal firm. Iain, who lives in Wendover, South Bucks, plans to expand the customer base of the practice, visiting people in their own homes in the St Albans area and further afield. He also plans to work with other professionals to

After setting targets to aim for at the start of the year, no one could predict the success that Labrums Solicitors has received. With four acclaimed awards under their belt, an appearance on the radio, Labrums has now become one of the only legal firms in the UK to successfully win a test case in Spain. Michael Labrum, senior partner, said: “At the beginning of the year we sat down and set out some targets.

Labrums Solicitors has had a phenomenal year - and next year is shaping up to be another big one. With an office due to come online in Murcia next year, the Spanish Services department of the legal firm is due to take the firm international. But that is not the only good news the firm has received in Spain… Labrums is now believed to be the first legal firm in the UK to help clients without bank guarantees recoup their deposits

Did you see Labrums featured in the Herts Advertiser? If not, here are the four pages that featured in the publication about the Herts Business Awards and our award for Online Innovator. Hertfordshire Digital Awards ad.

Did you know that bullying can be classed as harassment - which carries a criminal penalty of up to six months in prison? Although there is no precise legal definition, conduct under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states that harassment is defined as alarming a person or causing a person distress. Before you assume that sounds pretty harmless, harassment is a criminal offence. Not only does it cover actions, the Act

Following on from their recent win at the Herts Business Awards, Labrums Solicitors were invited on to Radio Verulam to talk about how they have embraced digital technology. Labrums, based in St Albans, have had an incredible year - winning four awards for their digital approach to business in a sector traditionally seen as old fashioned. The law firm, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has been leading the way in

Labrums Solicitors was one of the many nervous finalists attending the Herts Business Awards last night. Labrums was shortlisted for the Online innovator category, alongside Trademark Eagle, Business Film Booth, and The Beez Kneez Fitness. The judging panel, largely consisting of the event sponsors, including KPMG and Barclays Bank. After much anticipation, Labrums Solicitors was announced as the winner at the Knebworth

Age and ill health bring many financial problems for families. But one of the unnecessary strains is when siblings squabble over how their parent’s cash is being spent and alleged abuses of powers of attorney. The scenarios where this is the case are easily imagined. Typically, an elderly parent is in care, or being cared for at home and to some degree is incapacitated. The children all play their roles to help things tick

When it comes to contracts, how many of us can say they have read all the small print? It is the fine print that can make the difference between paying a fair rent on a business premises, or paying more than the market value. Michael Labrum, senior partner at Labrums Solicitors, said: “I have been revising a commercial lease for an Indian restaurant. “In the past they have used a standard commercial lease agreement

Ricky Gervais recently put his stunning London house on the market for £7.7M - but sales of homes in the capital have plummeted nearly a quarter year-on-year. According to the Land Registry, London saw a 23% decline in sales this year. Across England and Wales 851 homes were sold for over £1million in January, a 19% fall compared with January last year, when 1,049 properties in this bracket were snapped up.