Among non-lawyers, there prevails a belief that marital assets are simply divided 50:50 in a divorce. However, you should not assume that this is always the case as illustrated in this recent article in The Times. As this very recent case shows that the final outcome can be rather different. Read the article here:

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has recently issued his 17th View from the President's Chambers, as to the separation of divorce and financial proceedings.

Airport traffic figures for Spain have risen in the first four months of the year and look set to continue. People are visiting Spain not just for holidays; spanish property purchases are on the increase again. Passenger traffic figures for San Javier airport continued to show an increase during April, the latest figures released show that traffic at the airport rose by just under 20% during the first four months of the year, bringing

It is not often that fees decrease, but the registration fees for LPAs have in fact been reduced. The fees charged by The Office of Public Guardian to register LPAs and EPAs have been reduced from £110 to £82 for each document. Iain, our Head of Private Client and Later Life Department, says that “LPAs are extremely important documents which enable you to appoint someone, or some people, as your attorneys. 

The Government is introducing a dramatic rise in probate fees from May this year. Currently flat fees apply of £215 if probate is applied for by friend or family member and £155 if a solicitor completes the process. Under the new plans estates worth £2m will have to pay a fee of £20,000 to execute the wishes of the deceased’s will. There is less of an impact on smaller estates of between £50,000

Making a will and planning for later life to ensure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones' inheritance is protected is one of the most important things you will ever do. Iain Wanstall our resident expert runs free talks at our offices to help clients put plans in place to ensure that their wishes are carried out. Please call the office to book your place at his next talk. Tel: 01727 858807 or email

Iain Wanstall is conducting a Q & A session at Sunrise of Beaconsfield to provide people with some answers to the type of questions below: Have you ever wondered what a power of attorney is? What is a Living Will? How do you go about putting them in place? Iain provides regular talks to clients to help with later life planning, if you would like more information about when & where his next talk is, please call the office to

Our family lawyer Reshma is a member of resolution which is an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Reshma, like all resolution members, follows a code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. See what resolution say about recent key developments and their impact on family law here If you need further help please call Reshma on  01727 858807 .

With more than four million homes in England being leasehold, it is vital that you fully understand the terms of any lease and the fees you may have to pay, if you are contemplating buying or selling a leasehold property. Although the government is considering reforms in this area, for the moment leasehold transactions are often complex and burdensome, and must be handled with care. Our experienced property team can help you to

You need to make sure it is recognised in England & Wales. Nowadays getting married abroad is much more common. The romance, excitement and intimacy are only a few of the reasons! It is very easy to get lost in the excitement and the wedding preparations, and then overlook the necessity to check that all formalities are complied with. Each country has its own set of laws and procedural regulations that must be complied

Malcom Young has recently recovered approximately £200,000 following a change in spanish law. He has recovered money he thought he’d lost forever following the 2008 property crash in Spain.   Labrums has already acted for many clients who have successfully recovered the deposits they paid, many with interest. Call our Spanish Solicitor, Susana Diez on 01727 858807 today to see if you can make a valid claim

If you were one of the many people who hoped to buy a property in Spain about 10 years ago, then had your hopes dashed by the crash in the spanish property market and subsequently lost money – we can help you. Most people thought they had no chance of seeing their money again, but a ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court in December 2015 changed that. Banks in Spain are now liable to refund money which was paid and lost by home buyers

Did you know that Picasso painted "The Blue Nude" during a period of acute depression, following the death of a close friend? He later commented that his melancholy fed into this painting. We not only have an office in Picasso's homeland, but also a British based Abogado, Susana Díez Urquiola, as part of our international team. She says : I am happy to help with any Spanish legal problems, or issues

For many years there have been discussions about the need to update divorce law. Divorce is not easy, even if it is amicable. It is usually a time of worry, conflict and stress. It often includes financial pressure and deep worries about the children. Right now the Divorce law in England and Wales states the only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and that one of the following five facts are met:

In a survey solicitors have been backed by the public as the best option to ensure that wishes written into wills are met. In the survey by Will Aid, a partnership between the legal profession and top charities, 62% of respondents said they prefer to use a solicitor to manage their will. The research also revealed that the public were generally unaware of the rules and regulations governing will-writers and that will-writers can practise

The rules of intestacy apply! Which means: If you have no children, your spouse (husband/wife/civil partner) will inherit the entire estate. However, if you have children your spouse will only inherit the first £250,000 (plus all personal belongings). The rest will be split 50/50 between your spouse and any children – If a child has died before you leaving you with grandchildren that child’s share will go to the grandchildren

When conducting negotiations with another party's solicitor, there is no point in being dogmatic, or trapping him or her in a metaphorical corner. A client will not appreciate a negotiating stalemate. Ego can also be a problem in negotiations -it can often cloud judgment, or raise expectations prematurely, or set one up for an almighty fall! In the context of complex contracts, options or commercial leases, it is often best to agree heads

Flooding is becoming an increasing problem and needs to be considered when buying or leasing a property. Things to think about: Flooding can cause "contaminants" to migrate from one property to another If you own property next to a river, then at law you are obliged to accept flood flows from elsewhere. You are also obliged to keep the banks clear from obstructions if they cause increased flood risk Insurers may

You are at your first auction, you get swept up with all the excitement, and make your bid. You have been successful. What can go wrong? The answer is plenty. Some of the legal problems that you may encounter include: Leases not registered at the Land Registry, so they are void which damages investment values Recent covenants blocking development Undisclosed legal proceedings to forfeit the main lease of the building Vat payable,

This year marks the 7th annual campaign by Remember a Charity with this year`s theme being “Pass on Something Legendary”.  The campaign follows on from last year`s very successful “Extreme Will Writing Campaign”, which featured a number of volunteers including our own Iain Wanstall  (while at his previous firm,) writing new Wills to leave legacies to charities – while sky diving!  Watch the