Labrums Solicitors has had a phenomenal year - and next year is shaping up to be another big one. With an office due to come online in Murcia next year, the Spanish Services department of the legal firm is due to take the firm international. But that is not the only good news the firm has received in Spain… Labrums is now believed to be the first legal firm in the UK to help clients without bank guarantees recoup their deposits

Did you see Labrums featured in the Herts Advertiser? If not, here are the four pages that featured in the publication about the Herts Business Awards and our award for Online Innovator. Hertfordshire Digital Awards ad.

Did you know that bullying can be classed as harassment - which carries a criminal penalty of up to six months in prison? Although there is no precise legal definition, conduct under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states that harassment is defined as alarming a person or causing a person distress. Before you assume that sounds pretty harmless, harassment is a criminal offence. Not only does it cover actions, the Act

Following on from their recent win at the Herts Business Awards, Labrums Solicitors were invited on to Radio Verulam to talk about how they have embraced digital technology. Labrums, based in St Albans, have had an incredible year - winning four awards for their digital approach to business in a sector traditionally seen as old fashioned. The law firm, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has been leading the way in

Labrums Solicitors was one of the many nervous finalists attending the Herts Business Awards last night. Labrums was shortlisted for the Online innovator category, alongside Trademark Eagle, Business Film Booth, and The Beez Kneez Fitness. The judging panel, largely consisting of the event sponsors, including KPMG and Barclays Bank. After much anticipation, Labrums Solicitors was announced as the winner at the Knebworth

Age and ill health bring many financial problems for families. But one of the unnecessary strains is when siblings squabble over how their parent’s cash is being spent and alleged abuses of powers of attorney. The scenarios where this is the case are easily imagined. Typically, an elderly parent is in care, or being cared for at home and to some degree is incapacitated. The children all play their roles to help things tick

When it comes to contracts, how many of us can say they have read all the small print? It is the fine print that can make the difference between paying a fair rent on a business premises, or paying more than the market value. Michael Labrum, senior partner at Labrums Solicitors, said: “I have been revising a commercial lease for an Indian restaurant. “In the past they have used a standard commercial lease agreement

Ricky Gervais recently put his stunning London house on the market for £7.7M - but sales of homes in the capital have plummeted nearly a quarter year-on-year. According to the Land Registry, London saw a 23% decline in sales this year. Across England and Wales 851 homes were sold for over £1million in January, a 19% fall compared with January last year, when 1,049 properties in this bracket were snapped up.

Environmental searches, introduced in the 1990s, help potential homeowners identify possible problems before money and contracts are exchanged. Use of the land hundreds of years ago can have a huge impact today. Unfortunately no one realises this more than the residents of Fontmell Close in St Albans. On 1 October, residents of the suburban street had to evacuate their homes when a massive sinkhole measuring 66ft wide and 33ft deep

Having a will isn’t just a case of a tick box exercise. A good will is a document which will protect you and your family’s investments. Michael Labrum, of Labrum’s Solicitors, said: “I saw a client who wanted me to look at the will that had been drawn up for him and his wife before they signed it. “He had been to a will writing company because he thought they would be better and cheaper.

If someone leaves everything to someone they have just met is it because they have lost mental capacity, or are they just in love? At what point should you consider whether you are incapable of making your own decisions? This is a very delicate matter with lots of grey areas. There are a number of reasons why you might need someone to make decisions for you or act on your behalf. It could just be temporary. For example,

Labrums, solicitors in St Albans,  is delighted to announce that it has won TWO gold awards in the inaugural Herts Digital Awards 2015. The law firm was the only company out of the finalists to receive two gold awards - despite being in the same room as a number of companies specialising in digital media. The event, held at the Holiday Inn in Stevenage, saw finalists go head to head in 14 categories. Labrums, based just outside of St Albans centre, was

An icebreaker breakfast, ahead of tonight’s Herts Digital Awards, has been hailed a success by its hosts. Labrums Solicitors organised the networking breakfast at the impressive Knebworth House barns for fellow finalists and local businesses to meet ahead of this evening’s awards at the Holiday Inn, Stevenage . Labrums are finalists in four categories of the awards - including ‘responsive website’,

Labrums are hosting a free breakfast ice breaker event for fellow finalists of the Herts Digital Awards and local businessmen and women. The event, on Thursday 24 September - the morning of the awards - will begin at 8.00am at Knebworth Barns Conference Centre in Knebworth and will conclude at approximately 9.30am. The delicious breakfast buffet is complimentary for ticket holders. The morning meeting is an opportunity for finalists

Have you heard of Air BnB? It’s a site for people to list, discover and book unique accommodation around the world - whether it’s a flat for the night, a castle for the week or villa for a month. However, for landlords putting their property on the website it comes with hidden dangers, says Michael Labrum, senior partner at Labrums Solicitors. In legal terms, this action is called subletting. Subletting (or subleasing)

The clichéd impression of a law firm office, stacked to the ceiling with manilla files and an overflowing intray, couldn’t be further from the truth for one St Alban’s law firm. Labrums solicitors, which celebrates 25 years in business this year, has run a paperless office for the last four years. The company was one of the first businesses - let alone legal firms - to make the change from clutter to cloud.

How do I make a will and why should I use a solicitor? First, you must list what you have in your estate, then you can decide how your estate is to be shared between beneficiaries (who gets what). You also need to think about: What happens if any of your beneficiaries die before you do Who will look after your children (if you have any) Who should carry out the wishes contained in your will (your executor) Any other wishes you

An innovative paperless law firm in St Albans is celebrating 25 years of business. Labrums Solicitors, based at New Barnes Mill in Cottonmill Lane was established by Michael Labrum in 1990. Michael, who is not afraid to think outside the box, is a trailblazer in the profession. He and his team have run a paperless office for the past four years, and the firm is currently finalist in four digital award categories of the Hertfordshire

Ladies, put your hands up if you’ve had to consider what to wear for the office based on the temperature of the workplace? And men, how many of you are sick of women complaining that it’s too cold when you’re desperate to open a window? This is one of the age old battles of the sexes. But have you ever considered that it may be creating a divide between the males and females in your office? An underlying, unaddressed issue which may lead to potential conflicts. Michael Labrum, from Labrums Solicitors in St Albans, said: “Conflicts within the workplace can develop over time from small niggling issues. “Something as simple as the temperature the air conditioning is set at can be the catalyst for bigger issues and grievances. “I read an article on air conditioning. It stated that women prefer a temperature three degrees warmer than men. “Air conditioning was built with the temperature of a white male, in his 40s, of medium build in mind. The temperature is based on this profile, rather than an average man or a mixed sex workplace. “When it comes to disputes, as a general rule prevention is better than cure. “A lot of offices could avoid conflict to prevent a bitter workplace atmosphere by levelling the playing field, or in this case taking the average temperature of all their employees into account.” Conflicts in the office are usually because of historic reasons. This could be rates of pay, male dominated management, break times, maternity and paternity entitlement and hours of working. Michael said: “Companies need to think outside the box. With most workplace disputes there’s a tendency to look at the black and white rather than the grey areas. There are other reasons, other niggles, that fester to create tension in the workplace. “Rather than following the crowd or following tradition companies need to take a look at their organisation and make the necessary changes that suit their business needs. “We go into companies and offer MOTs for their terms and conditions and details of employment and create a template for them that they can use in the future.” Now ask yourself again, is there a battle of the sexes in your workplace?

Recently engaged? Congratulations! What an exciting time for your both. This is a wonderful time and no doubt you've already been googling venues, wedding dresses and colour schemes. When you’re as head-over-heels in love as you are right now, the last thing you want to discuss with your future Mr or Mrs is what will happen if your upcoming marriage fails. But, with 118,140 divorces in 2012 it's not a case of being unromantic,