Royal Mail are once again providing a free service to send your child a personalised letter from Santa.All you need to do is send a letter to Santa with your child's name, and your address by Friday 6th December to receive a personalised letter. You can also send a letter for you class at school. Santa aims to reply to children before December 24 - or Christmas Eve. Santa/Father Christmas,Santa's Grotto,Reindeerland,XM4 5HQ Royal Mail Privacy Policy  

So, you've found your dream job. You look the part. You've done lots of interview preparation and dazzled the panel with your personality and business acumen. So why didn't you get the job? Have you ever thought that your boozy Facebook pictures and tweets criticising your current boss may have had a part to play? In this new digital era, employers have so many more resources available to them when trying to find a new recruit. 

According to an Ofcom study from April 2014, 66% of adults state that they currently have at least one active social media profile, with services such as Facebook, Twitter and others proving useful for staying in touch with friends and family, playing games and more. However, studies have also been conducted that suggest there is a darker side to these social media services, with a number of sources linking sites such as Facebook with marital