We may have entered a digital age, but for the most part, law firms are still reliant on paper. Labrums law firm is different. In an industry where most other firms still only pay lip service to the idea, we are already paperless - and have been since 2013.

The Government is introducing a dramatic rise in probate fees from May this year. Currently flat fees apply of £215 if probate is applied for by friend or family member and £155 if a solicitor completes the process. Under the new plans estates worth £2m will have to pay a fee of £20,000 to execute the wishes of the deceased’s will. There is less of an impact on smaller estates of between £50,000

Malcom Young has recently recovered approximately £200,000 following a change in spanish law. He has recovered money he thought he’d lost forever following the 2008 property crash in Spain.   Labrums has already acted for many clients who have successfully recovered the deposits they paid, many with interest. Call our Spanish Solicitor, Susana Diez on 01727 858807 today to see if you can make a valid claim

If you were one of the many people who hoped to buy a property in Spain about 10 years ago, then had your hopes dashed by the crash in the spanish property market and subsequently lost money – we can help you. Most people thought they had no chance of seeing their money again, but a ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court in December 2015 changed that. Banks in Spain are now liable to refund money which was paid and lost by home buyers

Did you know that Picasso painted "The Blue Nude" during a period of acute depression, following the death of a close friend? He later commented that his melancholy fed into this painting. We not only have an office in Picasso's homeland, but also a British based Abogado, Susana Díez Urquiola, as part of our international team. She says : I am happy to help with any Spanish legal problems, or issues

Following Woolway v Mazars, the Supreme Court ruled that where a tenant in a building in multiple occupation occupied two floors that were not adjoining/contiguous, each floor was a separate unit of property for rating purposes. Had the two floors been treated as one, the occupier might have saved some money. Sometimes, the rate able value of one merged unit can be less than the total value of the two (or more) individual units.  

As reported by Murcia Today, the Spanish property market is beginning to reflect the increasing number of mortgage registrations. The article below explains the situation in more detail, focusing particularly on the Region of Murcia.  If you have any questions about Spanish Property, contact Michael or Susana on 01727 858807 or email   

On June 23rd, the UK will vote on whether or not it should remain in the EU. We’re sure you've already seen and read plenty about the potential pitfalls of both staying in the EU, and of opting out. However, not much has been written about potential effects to Spanish property should the British population vote to leave come the Brexit vote so here's a bit more information for you to digest.