Not your average law firm

When Michael Labrum formed Labrums Solicitors in 1990 he set out to create something a little different. 

Michael Labrum says "I was never happy with the way in which solicitors practices were run. They seemed to me to focus too much on the needs and view point of the solicitors providing the services and not enough on the clients 

who received and paid for those services. To my mind that meant that clients did not always receive the care and attention they were entitled to. It also meant firms were likely to be too conservative and inward looking.


One outcome was that solicitor firms tended to be intimidating and distant. People use a solicitor because they need to and not because they want to. It is nearly always for reasons that are of importance and stressful. Solicitors should not make the experience more difficult or unpleasant than it needs to be.

Consequently, I took the decision to make this firm focused on the needs of the clients. I wanted to maintain the traditional strengths of solicitors with the best modern practices and useful technology (which is why we were very early adopters of our current paperless case management system).”

Putting clients at the heart of every process has allowed us to deliver the unrivalled quality of service we have become known for. And, by focussing on improving things for clients also means improving things for staff.

“I believe it is important that people are treated with respect and care. That applies to the people who we work with as well as those we work for. If the person dealing with a client is happy, enjoys their work and feels fulfilled that will be reflected in their work and relationship with the clients. It is for that reason that we invest a great deal of time and effort with our team and culture.”

By allowing staff to work flexibly they are happier and more productive, which feeds back to the customers. Giving solicitors the option of flexible working also means Labrums can recruit from a pool of talent regardless of physical location; which once again translates into better outcomes for the clients they are working for.

Some Labrums’ solicitors choose to work from the office every day, others opt for remote working, but as a client you’d never know the difference - If a client phones the Labrums office and their case solicitor is working remotely, our integrated phone network allow us to transfer the call seamlessly to an external phone as though the solicitor was at their desk in the office.

“I am privileged to work with people who are excellent at their job but more importantly are great to work with."


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