Welcome to Labrums Solicitors, St Albans

Dedicated to meeting your needs

Our legal experts provide a full range of services to business and individuals in St Albans and nationwide. Our approach is to fully understand you, your challenges and what you require from us so we can agree and deliver a result that meets your needs.

Your Expectations

Our clients value the return they receive from us and have trusted us for over 28 years. Because of this they come back to us, we continue to help them and they recommend our services to their colleagues, friends and family time and again. The prime focus of our whole team is to create a strong relationship with you and exceed your expectations.

When you work with us you can expect:

  • Time taken to understand what you want and expect
  • High levels of personal service
  • Reasoned, reliable and realistic advice
  • Regular and useful communication
  • A forward-thinking approach, using technology to enhance your experience
  • Solutions not problems, making the law easier for you

Our Expectations

To achieve a successful relationship with our clients there must be trust and respect on both sides. That is why we only work with people we are happy to do business with. We need to like our clients and what they stand for. That comes from the belief that you can only do your best work for people who you trust, respect and who appreciate what you do for them.

We work with people who:

  • Have similar core values to ours as set out on our website
  • Are as courteous with us as we are with them
  • Honour their commitments with us, such as keeping appointments, being punctual and responding to enquiries in a timely manner
  • Comply with our agreed terms of business
  • Respect our advice

At Labrums we provide a full range of legal services for individuals and businesses. We have a team of experts providing advice in business law, family law & divorce, probateSpanish legal services and more.


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